Maintenance log

In the previous post I discussed warranty issues, and your legal rights. I also stated the best defense against dealerships who attempt to take advantage of customers is to understand your rights, and be willing to demand that you be treated fairly. In addition to understanding your rights it helps if you can document the maintenance that has been performed on your bike. Here’s a template of a simple form I use to do that. 

The great thing about this document is it not only logs your maintenance items, but it also allows you to see how many miles you typically get on wear items like tires, and brakes. This allows you to schedule your bike maintenance in advance. This can come in handy if your planning a trip, and you’re wondering if your tires, or brakes will last for the length of the trip. A quick look at the log plus a visual inspection of the parts will give you a good indication.

Sample Maintenace Log

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